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鳥羽 咲音 <とば さくら> プロフィール

2018年 第18回泉の森ジュニア・チェロコンクール中学生の部 金賞。
11月、白寿ホールにて「チェロ・コレクション」Vol.6 に出演。
2018年と2019年イタリア、シエナ音楽院夏期講習にてAntonio Meneses氏とDavid Geringas氏のマスタークラスを受講。
10月31日に第7回リサイタルを開催、11月8日には山田和樹指揮横浜シンフォニエッタとハイドン 協奏曲第1番を共演。
9月にクラシック音楽の普及をボランティア活動として行う団体 Music Giving を結成する。
(使用楽器は2020年製のクレモナのAmorim工房で製作された 1739年モデルのMontagnana ”Sleeping Beauty”。また弓はJIN工房 陳昌龍製作を使用。)
2021年度桐朋学園大学「チェロアンサンブル・サイトウ」奨学生。江副記念リクルート財団第50回奨学生公益財団法人 ロームミュージックファンデーション2021年度奨学生、また8月には「若林暢音楽賞」を受賞。 

Sakura TOBA 

Sakura Toba was born into a family of professional musicians in Vienna, Austria, in 2005, and began studying the cello at age six with Hakuro Mori at the Toho Music School for Children. Since 2018, she has also attended master classes by Antonio Meneses and David Geringas at the Chigiana Summer Music Academy.
In 2018, she won a gold medal at the 18th Izuminomori Junior Cello Competition in Japan, and a bronze medal at the 19th International “Nutcracker” Televised Contest for Young Musicians, held in Moscow, Russia.
Sakura gave her first solo recital in March 2019, and in April a fan club was founded to support her musical activities. In October of that year, she performed at Suntory Hall with the Japan Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of Ryusuke Numajiri, as soloist in Tchaikovsky's "Variations on a Rococo Theme.” In November she was awarded “The 2nd Shinji Hattori Music Award,” which is given to internationally promising young musicians.
In January 2020, Sakura was heard on NHK-FM’s Classical Program "Recital Passio.” From June to October, she held a series of solo recitals that were widely acclaimed.  In November, she debuted with the Yokohama Sinfonietta under the direction of Kazuki Yamada, performing Haydn's Cello Concerto No. 1, and her performance was praised by Valery Gergiev.
In 2021, Sakura founded the volunteer organization “Music Giving,” which aims to provide young students more opportunities to hear classical music.
Sakura plays on a replica of the 1739 Montagnana "Sleeping Beauty."  The replica was made in 2020 at the Amorim Workshop in Cremona.
Since April 2020, she has been enrolled as a scholarship student in the Soloist Diploma Course of Toho Gakuen University. She is also a recipient of the 50th Ezoe Memorial Recruit Foundation scholarship、 the 2021 ROHM Music Foundation scholarship and the 2021 Nobu Wakabayashi Music Award. 

(As of September 2021)